New Commish.. help!

What’s up footclan! I just took over as commissioner in my main league on ESPN and I’ve never done this before! Can you guys share any tips/suggestions/timelines that would help me out? I’ve already made a legit constitution (rule book), bought a league trophy, added 2 players, and upped the entry fee(which everyone agreed to). Thanks guys! #Footclanunite

What type of league is it? Dynasty, keeper or redraft.

Redraft. Sorry for the late response

What do you use for league communication?
How do you determine draft order?
Is it a keeper league?
Do you allow draft pick trading?
How and when do you conduct the draft?

I use GroupMe for communication, plus everyone has everyone’s number. We pick a golf tournament and pick a golfer and watch it to determine draft order, everybody likes golf here. It’s not a keeper league and you cannot trade draft picks until the draft starts. And I’m thinking about getting some rooms at a hotel at the beach and doing the draft there.

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Sounds like you have everything under control.

Thanks man. Just following in my old commissioners footsteps

Get rid of the kicker position and instead start 2 D/St. If you’ve added two more teams you’re probably a 12 team league? Starting 2 D/Sts limits streaming options and makes teams pay attention to the position and plan ahead for bye weeks.

If you’re going to do this, I’d customize the D/St scoring so that you’re not penalized as much for points given up. In my re-draft league (I’m just a member, not the commish) we do this and the penalty for giving up 35+ points is only -3 or -5 points. In default D/St scoring, it’s sometimes strategic to not even start a D/St.

This simple change has made a huge difference in that league. Do this and you’ll cringe when friends ask you for start/sit advice and you see kickers on their roster.

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Since it is a redraft I would do one of two things…

  1. Lock teams once they are eliminated from the playoffs (if they are eliminated from playoffs they really have nothing to play for or no reason to make trades). As much as you may think everyone is happy now, Fantasy Football does something to people and if they are unhappy or decide to leave the league, they may trade all their players out of spite to another team and that ruins everything.

  2. If you want to keep them in the season, then make something worth playing for. What I do in my league is the winner of the consolation bracket gets to pick the punishment for the loser (12th place team). That way teams 7-12 have something to play for in getting to choose the punishment, while also having a reason to not trade all their players away (in case they want to collude) as that would increase their chances of getting 12th.

My other #1 rule is collect all of the money pre-draft. Had a guy once not pay before the draft, ended up drafting a complete dumpster fire of a team. Everyone made sure he was aware of how bad his team was. He got his feelings hurt and quit the league. Not fun.

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