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New Commish, need live draft advise


Whats going on Footclan!

I am a new commish and am trying to do a live draft for my league. The majority of the members can make the engagement but we have a few that cannot. I wanted any advice for how best to do the draft so the people who are not there can still easily make picks and partake in real time.

I was thinking about just having the virtual draft up while drafting. This way, those who were not around can make their picks and those who were present just pick virtually as well as doing it in real time at our venue. This was the only way I could really think of doing it but was wondering if there were any better ways.

Thanks in advance for the help, and if anyone has any additional pro tips on live drafts in I am all ears.


Yeah that’s not a bad idea. Set up the online draft where there’s an unlimited amount of time to make a pick that way the remote guys can see who is being drafted real time.

A few of my friends live in another state so we FaceTime with them on a big laptop screen. It can get pretty loud at the live draft but that’s another option. It’s KIND of like they’re there with you though.