New Commissioner

I’ve played for a while now, but this is my first time commishing a league. How do ya’ll decide what to do with owners not paying the league dues by a certain date. Do I auto draft their team or let them draft but lock the roster? I obviously don’t want to let someone play all year that hasn’t paid and then for some reason they get in the money and have yet to pay, but they had all the luxury of playing on house money all season. Thanks in advance.

thats very league dependent. if its a friends and family league, you obviously have to be more lenient. but make a point still. like hey, if you dont pay up, you will lose this pick. or you wont get waiver priority until you do, or you lose your FAAB until you do. but, if its an online league, and its year one, i would go more strict until you get to know them. like hey, if you dont pay by this date, youre out. thats only because if they make the commitment to the league but wont pay, thats someone who is probably going to be a trouble maker for you anyway. and its not fair to the ones who do make your life easier and pay on time, do what their supposed to do.