New Creative Fantasy Format for you to try

What’s the one thing that’s frowned upon in most any fantasy league? Collusion. What if there was a league where collusion was not only encouraged but rewarded? I call it Clash of the Clans.

My name is Aaron, my brother and I came up with this league format idea last offseason. We tested it out last year with great success and wanted to share it with the footclan to see what you guys think.

League Format:
4 Clans (3 Teams Per Clan)
12 Team, .5pt PPR

Season Format:
Weeks 1-9: Clan Skirmishes
Weeks 10-12: Clan Wars
Weeks 13-16: Champion & Consolation Wars

How It Works:

The League is separated into 4 divisions, called Clans. Instead of the division being your rivals, the 3 teams in each division are Clan Mates. You and your Clan Mates are in this thing together and the goal is to take down the other clans. Because of this, you will never face your Clan Mates in a weekly matchup. The goal of the league is to compete with your clan to be the best clan at the end of the fantasy season.

The Season consists of Clan Skirmishes, Clan Wars, and Champion/Consolation Wars. Instead of ending the Season with a Traditional Playoff bracket, the 1st and 2nd place Clans, and the 3rd and 4th place clans, face off over 3 weeks for a Best-Of-9 to determine the winning. Clan Rankings are determined by the clans combined Win and Loss totals.

During the Regular Season (wk 1-9), each team is matched up weekly with a random opponent. Ideally, no 2 Clan Mates will be matched up with opponents from the same clan; see above Season Schedule as an example.

Following the Trade Deadline, Clan Wars begin (wk 10-13). Each week of the Clan Wars, your clan is matched-up against another clan; ideally, the top team faces the other top team each week, and so on. After the completion of Week 13, the 4 clans are placed into their earned Post-Season War, the Champion & Consolation Wars.

During the Champion War, the 1st and 2nd place clans face over 3 weeks, allowing each team from 1st place to face each team from 2nd place. The first Clan to reach 5 wins during the 3 weeks is the winner. The same format applies to the Consolation War, playing for 3rd place.

The Rules:
Collusion is encouraged, you and your clan mates conspire against the other clans. Your clan mates QB is on bye, you give them your backup to help them win. Your clan mate is going against the strongest team, you make his team stronger.

To prevent a clan from tanking 1 of their 3 teams, to give the other two teams an advantage, we imposed a Minimum Points rule. If a team scores below a determined amount (we selected 50), the entire clan forfeits the week. This incentivizes the clan to make sure all 3 teams are appropriately rostered. NOTE: Only 1 time did a team score less than 50; the forfeited games did not end up dramatically altering Champion War seeding. The minimum scoring amount could be raised or lowered per league preference.

Each clan selects a Clan Leader to help facilitate fair play. The 4 Clan Leaders split commissioner powers 4 ways, preventing any 1 clan from being favorited by the commissioner.

Reasons to Play:
Drafting becomes super strategic as you can draft while picking with/for your clan mates. Meaning you could draft all the QBs for your whole clan on one team and then distribute them after the draft.

Strategy comes into play when you’re managing your clans strengths and weaknesses each week to give your clan the best chance of winning. Coordinating your waiver pickups and FAAB is extra fun as you can stash players to give to your clan mates.

Also, this provides a sense of camaraderie, where each clan can create a clan name/logo etc. Additionally, it gives an added layer of fun watching games where you’re cheering for your team and your clans teams each week. It also solves the age old problem where traditionally your friends don’t care who is on your roster; they will now if they’re in your clan!

Thanks for taking the time to read this crazy idea we had. If you have any questions/comments about this idea ask away.

The photos attached below are copies of our scorecards that were sent out each week to display each Clans standing. It is important to have a League Historian in place to document the Clans combined record each week, as no current Fantasy Platform can display such. NOTE: After week 13, we removed “Additional Matchups Against Median” so that median scoring would not interfere with the Champion Wars. In the future, we will likely leave Median Matchups out altogether.



Very cool idea. I’m a fan of people trying to expand on something, and this seems fun overall.

I would assume by your description that each individual drafts as opposed to each clan, so how are draft spots determined in your league? If randomized, I see potential stacking problems if all individuals of one clan were awarded 1-3 or 10 - 12 in a row. Just wondering how that is mitigated? :slight_smile:

First off thanks, yeah it felt like a fun spin on a normal league. No real crazy rules other than you’re conspiring with your friends to screw over other clans.

Regarding the draft, we assigned each clan a letter and then let them pick which team in the clan would have which one of their picks. It was a traditional snake draft.

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So are A,B, C & D randomized for the first 4 picks, then it just follows that exact pattern for the remainder of the draft?

Each Clan had a “clan leader” that served as a 1/4th commish. The clan leaders actually had a little competition to determine which clan picked which letter. So for instance I picked B for my clan, so we had picks 2,7&10. I then distributed those three picks to the three people in my clan. I took spot 10 for me and my other two clan mates had 2&7 respectively.

Ok, really cool! Sounds like a really fun league. Glad you found enough people willing to be contrarian in fantasy football - extremely hard to find. I hope your second year is awesome

@shandon37 This is a fun concept.

It’s super fun. Kinda wish we were doing it again this year. All the guys involved enjoyed it but we are all in too many other leagues to keep at it this year.

Let me know if you have any questions.

I think I’m going to bring this up to a few friends and see if we can implement something Similar next year …
It sounds crazy