New Draft tool for 2021 UDK

Ok so I don’t trust any rankings outside of the Ballers’, that creates a few problems though. One of these issues is that I have no way to know the true value of a team built in a Yahoo! mock draft for example. It would be incredibly useful if we were able to input a team we got through mock drafting on another site and have y’all “grade” it. Say you evaluate a players ability and assign a number 1-10 or 1-100 to his name, and add up all the numbers from a mock drafter team and assign a grade from that final number. Then I’d know that a team Yahoo says is great is actually mediocre at best. Just a thought for next year.

This is a great idea. I feel the same way with my Yahoo mock drafts

The way I’ve done it in the past is to create a draft cheat sheet on fantasy pros based on the udk and then import the yahoo, espn, etc draft into my fantasy pros account and grade it against the udk cheat sheet. Not as easy as your suggestion, but it’s how I’ve worked around the problem for the last few years.

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