New Dynasty 10 Team League

Hey, I’m starting a league on the Sleeper App. 10 team Dynasty League (Blue Collar Footballers)

1 QB
2 RB
3 WR
1 TE
1 K
6 Bench

Full PPR

I’m looking for people who are active, willing to consider trades, and trash talk.
I’m in Minnesota/Wisconsin and would prefer local members so we could actually do draft parties or something like that down the road.

I am not in your local area but I do have 3 very committed owners that are itching into joining a dynast league. Email me at if you are interested

Not from your area (North Carolina here) but I’m super interested and have been playing fantasy for a long time. email me at

count me in!

I’m interested and located in WI. FYI, I’m new to Dynasty though.

Hey! I’d love to join. I live in the Caribbean now, but I’m possibly moving closer by the end of the year :wink: Email me!

I would like to join. I love to trade. Email is

I live in the twin cities area. Would be interested if there’s room.

Kickers…lol from mass but am interested

I’ve been trying to join a dynasty league but have had no such luck. So I’m trying to get a 10 man league going on sleeper. Hoping to fill the league than we’ll vote on rules, how many for roster positions etc. Let me know. Currently 3 people in league. It’s free also to get the hang of it first than maybe we’ll change things. Let me know

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I’d love to join but not in the area.