New Dynasty IDP

Platform: Reality Sports Online/ Site fee per team of $12.99

$50 with 1st 2 years paid up front. Will use League Safe.

Offense : 1 QB ,1 RB , 2 WR ,1 TE 3 Flex (RB,WR,TE)
Defense : 1 DE ,1 DT, 2 LB,1 S, 1 CB, 2 Flex ( DT,DE,LB,S,CB)

.5 PPR / TEP 1 PPR

I am a commissioner of another IDP league on this site. I’ve worked very hard and spent many hours formulating this Defensive scoring system ,and i’m very proud if it. Reality Sports Online is the best site out there for this particular set up and this for the Elite Footballers. If your interested or have any questions please hit me up!

This is my 1st day of being a Foot member and I couldn’t be more excited! #general-fantasy-chat #footclan-community