New Dynasty League 16 Teams - Owners Wanted (Preferably UK) - UPDATE

Hi All,

Me and a friend are starting a new Dynasty league and want interested managers to join up. We’re playing on ESPN and its a 16 team league.
We’re both new to Fantasy NFL but want some enthusiatic players preferebly from the UK to join us and learn along the way.

The Rosters are
QB 1 from 2
RB 2 from 8
WR 2 from 8
TE 1 from 3
Flex 2
D/ST 1 from 2
K 1 from 2
BE 14

The format is 4 teams in 4 divisons.
We have just 4 places left!!! 1 in East, 2 in South and 1 in North.
We will also take any free teams to go in those Divisions. Cardinals, Saints, Vikings, Rams, Bears, Redskins, Lions, Falcons, Dolphins, Patriots, Packers, Jaguars, Colts, Chiefs, Chargers or Titans.

Please reply with your email address and location if you’re interested and want to take on the challenge. Only respond if you are commited to playing the game. No time wasters please!

Hey, very interested, from Dunfermline in Scotland. Looking forward to hearing more about it, you can get me on

Based in Dublin, would love to join!
Email me:

I’m super interested!

I would love to play! Im here in Colorado, USA. If you need to fill the league I am here. My first year trying dynasty. No hard feelings if you choose others. Cheers!

E mail is
Been in re drafts for 5 years would love a try a dynasty.

Not in UK but if you need someone let me know I’d be interested

I’m down

Hi colemanracine. You should have an email from me about joining the league.
Let me know if youre still interested?

I’d be up for this & live in Scotland. if there are still places?

Ya of course I am! I’ve already joined the league on Espn. When are the fees due?

Andy from Munich, Germany - would love to join in!


The league is now full. Thanks all for getting touch.

See you on the field.