New Dynasty League Advice

Converting my current league to a dynasty this year. I’ve read that Sleeper is recommended for a platform, any one use any other platforms or have recommendations for the best one to use?

I have only used Sleeper.

It is a great platform with a buttload of customization options. Definitely a great platform for dynasty.

What’s your current platform?

ESPN, not opposed to some manual tracking, but how time consuming is it exactly, that I’m not sure about

Personally I think you will enjoy sleeper so much more than espn for dynasty. We do our home redraft in espn and dynasty through sleeper. We’re debating on moving redraft over, too. Sleeper keeps track of pretty much everything for you and is super customizable for your league settings. Will take a little bit of getting used to the layout, but once you use it a little bit you’ll love it.