New Dynasty League (Columbus Ohio)

Looking for people to join a new dynasty league on ESPN

Everyone is welcome to join but definitely join if you live in or around Columbus, Ohio.

Half point per reception
10-12 teams
Can do cash entry or not, depending on what the league wants


If you are interested, please comment on this post with your ESPN email so I can send out invites


I’m interested and I’m in the Columbus area

Interested, and located in Cincinnati.

Not near Columbus, but I’m still interested.

I am definitely interested and can bring along another member.


Interested, I don’t live in Columbus but I live in Cincinnati so just down 71. my email is

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Dayton, Ohio

I’m interested if Moneys involved.

not in Ohio but in MO, interested in joining if there is still an opening.

Interested if not fill yet…Akron

If you’re still looking for owners -
Columbus local
I’ll join if still open

Sent you an invite today, draft is next weekend. Vote for the time and day on the league homepage. Welcome to the league, @whaley39

My cell is 740-646-9722. iPhone. Feel free to text or call

I recently had an owner that had to drop out. Would you still be interested in joining? The draft is this Sunday at 7:00pm

I could take that spot and make that draft…