New Dynasty League for First Time Dynasty Players

A few friends (3) and I are looking to start a new dynasty league.
I am creating this post to gauge interest.

All have us have played together for 10 years but none of us have tried dynasty, so we would like to give it a shot.

We would like people of the same experience caliber to make it fun for all.

All league rules would be made via popular vote.

I love a lot of the rules I have been seeing on these forums but obviously we’ll have to narrow them down.

We would start with 10/12 teams based on interest, 1QB/2RB/3WR/1TE/1FLEX/1DST. 0.5PPPR, but could vary on position (a rule I saw on here that I liked).

All money would be handled through LeagueSafe.

If interested let me know and we’ll try to create the league and sent invites out this weekend.


Dropped you a message. Count me interested.

My Dad and I are interested!

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Love this! We have a re-draft dad’s league. Drop your email(s) and I can invite this weekend

I’d love to get in, sleeper name is corb1998

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sent invite

Hey all, still looking for 2 more people. Sent out a couple invites but they haven’t responded. So I can fill those teams with anyone interested.
Update: Will be SF, $50 buy in + $50 deposit. No kicker

I am new to dynasty and would love to join. I possibly could get one more if needed.

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Im in! Whatever the amount. My first dynasty to

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Me and a buddy would love to join and co-manage a team.
Both new to dynasty this yr.

If you still have spots open I would be interested in joining.

still interested?

Never payed Dynasty and would like to. Played redraft leagues for about 15 years now. Send a link or invite. Thank you

need email

send your email

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sent invite

don’t see invite

from my personal email

Send invite to my sleeper account Spider24