New Dynasty League for New Dynasty Players

A few friends (3) and I are looking to start a new dynasty league.
I am creating this post to gauge interest.

All have us have played together for 10 years but none of us have tried dynasty, so we would like to give it a shot.

We would like people of the same experience caliber to make it fun for all.

All league rules would be made via popular vote.

I love a lot of the rules I have been seeing on these forums but obviously we’ll have to narrow them down.

We would start with 10/12 teams based on interest, 1QB/2RB/3WR/1TE/1FLEX/1DST. 0.5PPPR, but could vary on position (a rule I saw on here that I liked).

All money would be handled through LeagueSafe.

If interested let me know and we’ll try to create the league and sent invites out this weekend.


Might be interested depending on cost, using sleeper?

I’m interested. How much?? Would you be interested in making it a superflex??

I was willing to explore all formats. Sleeper does seem like the best option. $50 buy in w/ $50 deposit for next year, we can vote on payouts. Drop your email if interested. 13 interested now, if everyone follows through. Going to be a 12 team league.

$50 buy in, $50 deposit for following year. LeagueSafe. Not currently SF but that could most definitely be up to league vote. Drop email if interested. 13 interested so far

I am interested if there is room!

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I’m still interested, please keep me posted.


How much dynasty experience do you have?

Currently waiting to see who accepts invites. Then will send out next round

I joined my first dynasty league this year, so basically zero at this point.

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I’ll shoot you an invite here in a couple mins (5).

Need to add 2 more people. Sent out a couple invites but they haven’t responded. So I can fill those teams with anyone interested.
Update: Will be SF, $50 buy in + $50 deposit. No kicker

Still interested? How much dynasty experience do you have? Shoot me a DM. Thanks.

I’d be interested if you still have spots, I have never played dynasty before but played a lot of fantasy

We might have spots opening soon, ill keep in touch