New Dynasty League for Newer Dynasty Players

Hey all, a couple friends (4) and I decided that we wanted to dip our toes in the Dynasty pool. None of us have had any dynasty experience and would like to fill the league with people of the same caliber (little or no experience). I have recruited across the Footclan boards and we are up to 10 of 12. We are looking for 2 more. I have sent out invites but they have yet to respond, so I am looking for additional people who can join right away so we can get the show on the road. All major league rules/changes will be voted on.
What we know so far: Superflex league, 0.5 PPR, No Kicker, $50 buy in + $50 deposit.
If you’re interested, reply or send me a Direct Message with your email and how much dynasty experience you have.

Do you still have two spots open? Are you doing a draft or auction. I have taken over an orphan, so I have like a year of exp. My friend has none. We both would like to join

I’ll keep in touch, may have a spot open

1 Draft first year. Rookie Draft there after. 0.5 ppr, superflex, 3 WR. $50 buy in plus $50 deposit for following year, all done through league safe. You 2 still interested? If so, DM your emails

Yes and

Actually never mind, didn’t know about the next year deposit. I didn’t talk to my buddy about that.We usually pay the next year if we trade away picks

it’s the same theory, just gives incentive to stay in the league. All money is paid out securely through LeagueSafe. Everybody in the league knows at least one other person, would love to keep it that way