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New Dynasty League Players Needed


I am starting a dynasty league this year and am looking for players that find the thrill in fantasy football like I do. The league consist of:
Auction Draft: $250
Spots: 2 QBS, 2RBS, 3WRS, 1TE, 1K, 1DEF, 1D, 1LB, 1DB, 10bench, 2IR.
Points System: PPR - 6 TDS, -3INT, 1 REC, 1 per 10 yards rec/rush, 2 solo, 1 assist.
Draft Time: Aug 27th 8:15PM EDT
Teams: 12
Really want this to be a challenging league, so please email me at tyguy12310@yahoo.com if you are interested in joining.


Still looking for 9 guys to join, if you have any questions let ty or me know elliott.nicholasg@yahoo.com


i lied, its a 10 team so we have 7 spots remaining


we’re here to bump and grind


We need more players!


lets get it, email and join


anddd dynasty


i know that you know that i know that you wanna join. so just do itttt


Is there a Buy in?


no buy in at this time just a free league with committed owners


Looking to fill this still, anyone interested? or do i just not sound like a fun guy


join this league ya bums


come join us