New Dynasty League (sleeper)

Hey all,

3 teams from my keeper league are interested in starting a dynasty league with active fantasy folks. Would be half ppr, 1 qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, 1 flex, kicker, d/st roster.

Buy in $30 with payout to 1st 2nd and 3rd, can discuss amounts and specific rules.

I’m interested! Been looking to get into my first dynasty league. How big would rosters be, draft time, slow draft?, waiver system, etc

I’m interested.

cool, yeah first time dynasty for us as well. Figured we can fill and vote/decide on the rule specifics once full. Fast draft is what we would do draft wise though.

If you know anyone else let me know ill go ahead and create the league to get it started since it looks like we’ll be able to fill it.

I’m interested -

I’m down

Very interested if there are any spots left.

Yep, go ahead and use this link to join

Any spots still available?

Im in if any spots are available

Use the link to sign up 4 more spots i

sorry link is ignored here. Post your email and ill send the link

3 more spots available. Post your email and ill send you an invite link

I’m interested in joining! Been looking for a dynasty league.

2 more spots

I’d be interested to join!
EDIT: Saw the league invite above so went ahead and registered. Thanks for the invite

I’d like to join. Dedicated player. I’ve played with Ajstriker26 for 6 years in another league.

Cool invite sent, we are full after you accept.