New Dynasty League Startup: Place To Be

Hey there everyone! After a lot of thinking I have decided to put together a new dynasty league. As we speak I am putting together the league rules, and starting to look at different websites to utilize this league.

For the first year it is going to be a $20 buy in. If you are interested in joining, or learning more about this league, please either reply to this post, OR email me at

I am only looking for managers who are going to invest a decent amount of time and will take this league seriously. If you are taking on this league as your 12th one, I suggest you don’t join.

Also if you have any suggestions on sites to use please let me know as well! Any questions let me know. If you post back or email me I will send you the rules! Thanks!

I’m interested.

I’d be interested!


I’m interested


Emailed you

I would be interested…