New Dynasty League Startup

I’ve ran a 10-man 1 minimum 4 max(one per position) keeper non-PPR league for 7-8 years now and would love to start Dynasty League with a half point PPR but the people in my league are not interested.

For a little confidence in me, I can promise dedication and I will lend an ear to complaints or suggestions with timely replies. I write League Manager Notes every week with a few lame jokes and such, wrapping up the prior week’s events. We vote on matters and slight improvements annually too.

10 owners 25 man 1 QB 2 RBs 2 WRs 1 TE 2 Flexes(but we can vote on this if necessary) 1 D 1 K

Email me and lmk what team you are behind and where from

WHO DAT! I come from the boot

Looking forward to starting this league, I’m in. #SaintsNation

I’m interested.


id be interested if there was no k or def and prefer superflex because it adds a nice element in dynasty.

I’m in

I’m definitely interested… hopefully when I say #keeppounding you won’t turn me down!

Good point, I’m willing to do that completely if most are for it

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Oops sorry, is the email

I’m down to join. But no kickers please lol. And go Colts

Its honestly been the best dynasty formatting in my opinion. All positions are on a semi even playing field and the ones that switch alot. Kickers and def are just taken out of the equation.

I would be down for a superflex league. #49erFaithful.

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Hey I just joined the league but saw small mistake. Nothing too big at the moment. But need to change keepers from 2018 to 2019.

I am interested in staring this league with you

I’m interested if there’s still an available spot. SC patriot fan … would love to joi n

Interested. There are 2 of us.

whats buy in

I’m also interested. #onepride

if there is any room I would love to join,

If there’s room, I’m interested. How much is the buy in?

If there is room I’m in thanks man