New Dynasty leagues 2021

Creating a few different dynasty leagues this year all on sleeper

A. 12 team Empire dynasty league- 1 qb 2 rb 2 wr 1 te 2 flex…scoring a little unique to value qbs and yards over tds, using h2h with extra game against league median (this means u play ur h2h matchup each week and one matchup against the enitre league, top half in points gets a win bottom half gets a loss), 50 dollar buy in…Empire means small portion of the buyin goes towards a jackpot, u win jackpot by winning 2 years in a row.

B. 10 team empire superflex dynasty- 1 qb 2 rb 2 wr 1 te 1 flex 1 superflex…more normal scoring, h2h with extra game against league median…60 dollar buy in.

C. Mega dynasty- 55 dollar buy in, 10 leagues…each league plays h2h with extra game against median within your league. end of regular season top 3 records get paid and move on to playoffs, 36 playoff teams in all play. top half in scoring that week moves on to the next round of the playoffs, every week u move on in playoffs u get an extra cash prize…
week 2 playoffs- 50 bucks extra
week 3 playoffs- 50 bucks extra
week 4 playoffs- 100 bucks extra
week 5 playoffs- 200 bucks extra
championship- 400 extra

the champ of all 10 leagues would win close to 1,000 dollars

if interetsed in any leagues please dm me on sleeper- Abouttreefiddy or email me at jxwakefield @. gmail let me know which league u wana be apart of all should be fun.

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