New Dynasty Leagues - when deciding on a platform

For those that are interested of deciding to start playing dynasty fantasy football in 2020 and choosing a platform, I submit my strongest case to choose MFL.

In dynasty fantasy football there is only a single start up draft. A player is yours perpetually as long as you choose to keep them on your roster. When entering a dynasty league you hope to be playing 10 years later with the same folks and hopefully have established a dynasty of many championships. In turn there should be functionality and an experience that matches the multiyear aspects of a dynasty league. MFL performs this better than anyone.

Take the “Series Records” option for example. In one place I can view my record against each opponent both on at individual year as well as a total over multiple years.

Another example would be the “Transaction History” available for each player. In one place, see when the player was drafted in the startup and by which franchise manager. All the difference transactions that have occured over the years inclusing waiver adds and trades.

This! This is what makes a league a dynasty league. Knowing and celebrating the past. Not just displaying a list of league champions. Not separating the 2019 league from the 2020 league to make it “current”. These things that I view as required to my dynasty experience are simply afterthoughts when your platform was built to satisfy the season long crowd.

Please note that this is not an advertisement. I’m just passionate about the dynasty experience.