New Dynasty Owner

Just joined an existing 14 team dynasty league, first one I’ve ever been a part of, and I’m pretty excited but a little overwhelmed as well. I Inherited Kamara and Green, so that’s a start, but that’s about it. It’s .5 ppr and a Superflex with all TD’s being 6 points. You can keep up to 10 players a year, with the caveat being that you had to have drafted them as rookies or traded for them with the owner that drafted them as rookies. All players not labeled as keepers enter the annual draft like a normal redraft league. Also, I have the 3rd overall pick in a snake draft.

How much should I value the QB position? Is it worth trading a first and/or second round pick this year/next year for a young QB like Mahomes, Wentz or Trubisky? Should I consider a Mayfield/Rosen/Donald at 3 overall before a Penny or Guice? Are there any guides or tips out there for new dynasty players?

Any advice/tips/direction would be much appreciated.

I would consider this more of a large Keeper league that makes it harder to keep stud WR/RBs. Wentz is maybe the only one worth a 1st round pick but I wouldn’t do that even in a Superflex/2QB, unless all the RB/WR studs were drafted as rookies and are being kept. If there are even 3 studs, don’t trade that #3 pick unless your getting a stud in return. I would bet there are QBs available. One site I look at for advice on 2QB or Superflex is Look at the draft strategies tab or looks like they just released a Draft Guide that you can purchase.

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Thank you for the input Daniel. Definitely more of a keeper league than a dynasty but that’s what they’re calling it. I’m going to do some digging and see if I can’t figure out who should be available at that 3 pick and see what my options are. Also, I’ve never heard of that site but I will certainly check it out. Thank you!