New Dynasty Player - Anyone in NC starting a league?

Looking to get into Dynasty for the first time. Anyone starting a league? Would prefer in the Raleigh NC area (where I live) to draft in person. If anyone has any leads on things around here please let me know!

also in raleigh, and know at least one other raleigh footballers listener who would be interested in a local league.

That would be great. Are you willing to commish?

Yep I’ll consider it

I’m in Raleigh and looking for a dynasty start up to join

Alright we’re getting some momentum here! We have 3 owners here plus my friend Justin from Chapel Hill (not a footclan member but he’s a listener and a good owner).

I noticed in these forums that there’s a local Raleigh redraft league that formed last summer. I’m going to post in that thread and ask if any of them are interested in dynasty.

Let me know if this gets some legs

@sbncsu I’m in Wilson, NC… relatively close to Raleigh. Love an active league.

I’m in Knoxville, TN (close enough, right?) and would be interested in a Dynasty start up… obviously couldn’t do anything in person if that’s not a deal breaker.

I’m very interested! I live in Houston, Texas if doesn’t disqualify me!