New Dynasty SF, half PPR, TE premmy. $100.00

Hello fellow Footclan , I am looking to start up a new Dynasty league with good active people.
I am Commish on a couple leagues and looking to add 1 more Dynasty team.

$100.00/year and first 2 years to be paid for and if you trade future first round picks past 2 years you pay for that year as well. This is to prevent people trading away all the future picks for an All in this year team and then taking off.
Leaguesafe for Payments and payouts.

Roster = 1QB,2RB,3WR,1TE,1Flex,1Superflex ,13 Bench, 6IR, 5Taxi(Rookies only on Taxi Squad)

App = Sleeper

TE Premmy = +0.75

FAAB = $100
Top 8 make playoffs.

Drop your Sleeper name and Ill reach out .

4 spots left.

“Vengo” if you still have a spot

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How many teams are in the league? When is the startup draft?

Hi! I’m interested of there’s still spots available. Sleeper name: Eno0os

AndrewZak if a spot is open, would love to join!