New dynasty start up league $20 buy in

I’ve been trying to find a dynasty league for a while now so I thought I’d set one up and see if there was any interest.
$20 buy in (first 2 seasons upfront so 2 payments of 20 this is so next year’s draft picks can be used in trades ) - I’m UK based so I can’t use leaguesafe so league money management will be through Teamstake which allows you to use PayPal.

1st $150 dollars
2nd $50 dollars

10 team league
Sleeper platform
PPR scoring (6pt qb TD, 3 point bonus for 100 receiving yards or 100 rushing yards, kicker reduced scoring 1- 19 1pt 20-29 1pt 30-39 1pt 40-49 2pt 50+ 3pt)
QB,RB,RB,WR,WR,TE, 4 Flex, 1Kicker, 10 bench (No taxi or DEF) 2ir spots
Slow draft - 8hr windows - start date to be sorted when league is full.
Snake draft and randomised order
2 IR spots

Any more info needed let me know.

Sleeper ID Roverree - message me on here or there if interested and I’ll send you the league link and Teamstake links.


7 spots left!

6 spots left

5 left Now

I’m interested

Any spots left I am interested!

I’m interested

Sorry. League is now full.