New Dynasty Startup.. 12 team.. PPR TE Premium.. EMPIRE...Please Read

Hello everyone, hope all is well. I have decided to create a HIGH end league. This is a serious league. What I mean by that is the league will be for owners who are active and who are willing to trade, chat, and be part of active ownership.

If you are looking for that type of Dynasty, one that you play an ACTIVE part in and contribute to, then this is the league for you. We already have several members now so only a few spots remain. All of the current members are people who are active and want to participate. League Communications will be on SLACK.

Here is the link to the league…

You will be able to see the scoring, bylaws, and all necessary information, including buy in, pay outs, etc.

Here is a quick break down of some of the settings:

1qb, 2rb, 2wr, 1te, 4 flex. This will be an Auction Startup.

Number of Passing TDs 4 points each
Passing Yards -50-999 .05 point for every 1
Interceptions -1 point each
Number of Interceptions Thrown Returned for a TD -3 points each
Long Passing Plays of 50+ Yards 1 point each
Passing 2 Pointers 1 point each
Number of Rushing TDs 6 points each
Rushing Yards .1 point for every 1
Long Rushing Plays of 20+ Yards 1 point each
Rushing 2 Pointers 2 points each
Number of Receiving TDs 6 points each
Receiving Yards .10 point for every 1
Receptions 1 point each, TE 1.25 point each
Long Receptions of 40+ Yards 1 point each
Receiving 2 Pointers 1 point each
Fumbles Lost (to Opponent) -1 point each
Number of Fumbles Lost Returned for a TD -5 points each

If you are interested, please let me know. Hope to have the league filled very soon.

I am interested if you have any spots open