New Dynasty Startup .5 ppr 2 flex no superflex

Checking interest level on a new league for startup:
Looking for active owners 1-3 year commitment to a team:
I already have 2 spots taken:
Looking to see if there is enough interest to move forward:
$20 buy in
Looking to Draft in a week or 2:

League Rules are Below:

• Always have fun
• No Colluding under any circumstances “If proven both parties will be Removed:
• You Can trade draft picks up to 3 years out “Ex” in 19 you can trade picks in 19,20 and 21
• Positions: 1 Qb, 2 Rb, 2 Wr, Te, 2 Flex
• 8 Man Roster 12 bench players 3 taxi slots, 1 ir Spot
• Faab Budget is $100 for the season, 1st tie breaker will go to worse record second tie breaker will lowest points scored
• $0 bids are accepted
• Trade deadline is week 12
• No Hold on trades
• Playoffs will begin week 14
• 6 playoff teams 4 top seeds bottom 2 based off points scored
• Trades go through immediately
• “If you have any faab from the season it will carry over”
• Buy in is $20 per season: Money is due before you draft
• Any rule changes must be agreed on by all owners during the off season
• Any rule changes during the season must be Agreed upon by all Owners and will go into effect immediately
• Offseason rule changes are to be presented on 2-1

I’m interested! HMU at if there are still any spots open.

Hello I am interested in the league. Never played dynasty but plenty of keeper and redraft leagues. What app or website will you use? How will you collect money, Leaguesafe?

My friend and I are interested!,

I am interested

Platform to play on?


@RossPayne024 it’ll be on sleeper

I am interested and have a co-owner interested as well. MJBORKOWSKI@GMAIL.COM

unfortunately, dont have any more spots remaining:

I’m interested my email is

I’m interested,

I’m very interested

@TheGreatSambino @KFARD @coreyjohn86 unfortunately all spots are currently filled, if I have anything open up then I will reach out to either of you: