New Dynasty StartUp Trade

Hey everyone, my friends and I have decided to bite the bullet and start a new dynasty league. I wanted to get an opinion on whether you would rather have the 1.08 pick or if you would trade it for team 6’s second and third rounders (picks 19, 30) This means I lose a top 10 talent but add some solid depth. What do you think is preferred?

There are 12 teams and its full PPR, 2 RB 2WR 2Flex

TLDR: 8,17,32, 41… or 17, 19, 30, 32, 41…

Double 2nd and 3rd is pretty tempting.

Thanks, thats kinda what I figure. Whats really pushing me is the double flex. Depth is going to be very key. I see the trade as would I rather have (DJ/Devante Adams) and a roster spot or would I rather have (Chubb/A Jones/D Cook) and (Josh jacobs/Kenny G/ Ty Lock)

1.08 = Michael Thomas
2.07 = Travis Kelce
3.06 = Brandin Cooks

1.08 = Davante Adams
2.07 = Stefon Digs
3.06 = Patrick Mahomes

I would seriously entertain this trade if they add a 8th or 9th round pick.

You could start with:
2.05 = Julio Jones (Your own pick)
2.07 = Stefon Digs
3.06 = Brandin Cooks
3.08 = Kerryon Johnson (Your own pick)


Thanks for the feedback. I’m leaning more and more into pulling the trigger on the trade. Also sets a nice tone of activity for the league.

agree with @fun4willis. get another 8-9 rounder and it is good for me. that extra pick could allow a slightly earlier QB pick without feeling like you go in too soon on the position, as an example.

I would ask if he’s willing to wait to make that trade until it’s your turn to pick, then if no one is available (that you don’t think will last until 2.05) take the trade. If it’s even possible to trade picks during the draft…

Doing a ten team start up dynasty draft. I’m 1.09 or 1.10. Would you try to make the same offer to someone? Especially being so close to the turn. This whole thread has struck my curiosity in moving out of the first for solid depth

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I think it depends on my confidence level, and how skilled I think the other players are. If I think there will be value drops from other teams, then this move is a must. I
l’ll say goodbye to 1st round pick in a heartbeat.