New Dynasty Super Flex 12-team half PPR

My account is not letting me post in FootClan Leagues, so for now I’ll post it here. Everything about the league is outlined below. We have 8 spots left. Message me on sleeper (cmyers111) and we’ll talk. We’re laid back guys but we also know the game well and are very competitive.

League name – Deep Waters

League type – Dynasty Super Flex

Platform - Sleeper

Scoring – ESPN standard, Half PPR

Teams – 12, 2 divisions of 6 teams

Roster – 25 roster spots (15 bench) QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, 3 normal flex (RB/WR/TE), 1 Super flex (QB/RB/WR/TE), 2 IR spots (doesn’t count towards 25 roster limit), no K or DEF

Playoffs – Weeks 14-17, 6 teams (2 division winners and 4 other best records),Semifinals Week 14-15, two week Championship Weeks 16-17

Mission Statement

Dynasty is the pinnacle of fantasy football. Most stick to normal redraft. Some dip their toes into keeper, auction, and other specialty leagues. If you’re a real fantasy footballer, though, you know dynasty is the ultimate test. It’s not that hard to draft a one-year wonder team. Back to back is something to brag about. But building a dynasty like Tom Brady? That’s legendary. This league is not for the faint of heart or the casual fan. For those who thrive on competition and camaraderie, this may be a league for you. But think twice before joining…

Participation in the League requires all managers of the teams (the “Manager” or collectively, the “Managers”) to read and adhere to all the rules and regulations of the League (the “Bylaws”) as outlined below.

League Overview

The League will be hosted on Sleeper and each Manager will be invited once their dues have been collected. The league will consist of 12 Franchises (collectively, the “Franchises”), each managed by their respective Manager. There will be two divisions in this league and each team will compete head-to-head with every other team in the league at least once during the regular season.

League Dues

League dues will be collected through LeagueSafe. There will be TWO DIFFERENT LEAGUESAFE LINKS for our initial startup, one for 2021 and one for 2022. PLEASE DO NOT PAY THE SAME LINK TWICE! After the initial startup season, managers may begin paying future league dues as early as they want, but will be due no later than March 31st for the upcoming season (so you must pay for 2023 by March 31, 2022). This is to give the Commissioner and the League time to find a replacement for the Franchise should the Manager be unable to participate due to any circumstance. Should a Manager need an extension to pay their annual fee, please contact the Commissioner as soon as possible to arrange an extension. Extensions are not guaranteed.

The yearly entry fee for the League will be $30/Franchise. In the startup year (2021), Managers will be required to pay a total of $60 for their Franchise, $30 for 2021 and $30 for 2022. In all subsequent years, Managers will be paying league dues ($30) for the subsequent season.

League pot is $30x12 teams=$360. Payout is 1st place $250. 2nd place is $80. 3rd place is $30. You must pay for 2021 -$30 and 2022-$30 ($60 total.).

League Dues In Regards To Future Draft Pick Trading:

You can trade a 2021 and 2022 picks as long as you have paid the 2021 and 2022 league safe. ONCE THE SEASON STARTS you can trade 2023 picks if you pay your dues for that season. If the manager refuses to pay these dues, the trade will be invalid and revoked by the Commissioner. Links for future leaguesafe years will be pinned. 2024 pick will become tradeable once sleeper unlocks that year and can NOT be traded before the LeagueSafe link is posted. FOLLOWING THE END OF THE SEASON, you will NOT be allowed to trade picks/players until you have paid for the next season. Payment date for future leagues will be scheduled by the Commissioner, but is generally a month after the season concludes. If you chosoe not to pay for the future league safe, YOU WILL FORFEIT ANY PAID DUES. (So if you paid for 2022 when the league starts, you will pay 2023 at the end of this (2021) season. If you choose not to pay the 2023 league, you forfeit your 2022 LeagueSafe payment). This league will always be a full season ahead.


There will be no refunds given to Franchises after payment is made except for extraordinary circumstances. Such cases will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the Commissioner.


Trade Approval:

Trades will be approved and executed as soon as both parties agree. There is no trade veto or review period. If other Managers suspect collusion, they can be raised to the Commissioner who will investigate and act accordingly. Everyone views trades differently so it’s very rare a trade will be vetoed if no collusion is identified. If collusion is identified, both members won’t return the next season and they’ll be unable to make trades the rest of the season. Commissioner philosophy on trades - I’m laid back but I have no tolerance for cheating. It’s fantasy football y’all; have fun and don’t cheat. That simple.

Trade Deadline:

Trade deadline is Week 14. This makes teams decide prior to the playoffs if they are buyers or sellers. Trading will resume after the Playoffs conclude in week 17. Once the league resets a week after The Championship and before the annual Rookie Draft, only teams that have paid their dues for the coming season will be able to make trades. All trades made by managers that have not paid will be revoked.

Trading Draft Picks:

Managers can trade draft picks in the Inaugural Draft and subsequent Rookie Drafts. Please see the League Dues section for additional rules regarding trading future 1st round Rookie Draft picks. Startup Draft pick trades MUST BE FOR THE SAME NUMBER OF PICKS. So if you wanted to trade, let’s say, a 1st for a 2nd and a third, the first would have to include a later pick.

Temporary trading:

Temporary trading of players is not permitted and will be automatically vetoed. These types of trades will be considered collusion and the Managers involved will incur infractions.


No third-party communication app will be used for this league. All communication will be handled through Sleeper. Managers are expected to be active in the chat and responsive to DMs and trade offers from other managers. Messaging outside the Sleeper app is allowed, just be sure you’re engaging with the whole group as well.


The League will host playoffs, which will take place from Weeks 14-17 of the NFL season. The highest seeded team for each round will be given a 5-point bonus on top of their point total for that round. This will be used as sort of a “home field advantage” for the higher seeds in each round. Let’s develop some rivalries.

Upper Bracket / Championships

There will be six playoff teams. The two division winners are guaranteed a first round bye in the playoffs; the top two seeds go in order of best record between the division winners. After the top two seeds, the four teams with the best regular season records will be awarded seeds #3-6 and compete for the championship in the upper bracket.

Playoff Seeding and Tiebreakers

In the event of a tie, the team with the higher points for will receive the higher seeding. If both teams have equal points for, then the winning team of their heads-up match-up in the regular season will receive the higher seed. If the two teams played twice and split the season series, the team with the most points scored in those two matchups will get the higher seed.

Playoffs (Week 14):

3rd vs. 6th and 4th vs. 5th

Semi-Finals (Week 15):

1st vs. winner of 4th vs 5th

2nd vs. winner of 3rd vs 6th

Championship (Weeks 16-17):

The two-week Championship will be determined between the two winners of the Week 15 contests. The Manager with the higher score over the combined two weeks will be the Champion. The Manager with the lower score will be awarded 2nd place. The losers of the Week 16 matchups will compete for the 3rd place finish in the same manner.


The draft is always the most exciting time of the year and presents an opportunity for all the Managers to get together and pick their favorite players. The inaugural draft will not begin until all league dues have been paid as outlined in the League Dues section.


Every draft (both startup and rookie drafts) will be done via slow draft with a 6 hour clock per pick. The clock will be paused from midnight to 8AM EST. When a manager is on the clock, it is fine to ping them in Sleeper chat to let them know. However, do not harass other managers to rush their picks. Everyone has lives outside of fantasy football and they should be able to take their time to make trades and think about their picks. If it comes up that certain Managers are abusing the clock, the Commissioner will act accordingly by giving warnings and handing out infractions in extreme cases. If a Manager does not make a pick in their allotted time, their pick will be auto-drafted. The auto-drafted player will be the player with the highest ADP according to Sleepe. Again, if your timer runs out on your pick, the cpu will pick from your queue, so make sure to keep it full. Sleeper will generally put you on autopick if you let the timer run out. It is up to you to turn it off.

The Inaugural Startup Draft:

For the 2021 startup draft (the “Inaugural Draft”), will be a combined draft including both rookies and veterans. The Inaugural Draft will be a snake draft with 3rd Round Reversal.

Draft position being determined using a Kentucky Derby format. Every Manager will be randomly assigned a number which represents the order in which each Manager will be allowed to choose their draft slot. For example, if a Manager receives the 1st pick, they then get to choose any slot in the first round they want to draft from and so on.

Subsequent Annual Rookie Drafts:

After the inaugural season, there will be a 5-round rookie draft (the “Rookie Draft”) that will take place every year. The draft will be linear, meaning that the team with the 1.01 will also possess the 2.01, 3.01, 4.01, and the 5.01. You will declare 20 keepers and the other 5 players will go into the draft pool with the incoming rookies.

The Rookie Draft will begin at 12pm EST the day following the conclusion of the NFL Draft.

For the teams that do not make the playoffs, finishing in the bottom 6, the selection order will be determined in reverse order of Max Points For (found in the ‘View Details’ section of the Standings Tab on Sleeper). The team that finishes in last place will get the first pick, 2nd to last will get the 2nd pick, etc… If there is a tie in terms of Max Points For, the subsequent tiebreakers will be team record followed by head-to-head record. If the tied teams played twice and split the series, the team with the least Points For in the matchups will be given the higher draft pick slot.

For the teams in the playoffs, seeding will be determined in reverse order of playoff finishes. The team that finishes in first place will be given the 12th draft slot, second place will get 11th draft slot, etc… For the two teams that are eliminated in the first round of the playoffs, the team with the lowest seed of the two will receive the 1.07 pick. For example, if the 4th and 5th seed are both eliminated in the first round, the 5th seed will receive the 7th draft slot and the 4th seed will receive the 8th draft slot.

Waivers and Free Agency

The League will implement a blind bidding system which allows Managers to acquire free agents (an “FA” or “FAs”) through waivers by bidding with their Free Agent Acquisition Budget (“FAAB”). Each Manager will be granted $100 FAAB for the entire season and off-season. $0 bids are permitted. Any unused FAAB will expire at the end of the year and cannot be carried forward. Waivers will be processed daily at 12PM EST. FAAB will reset every year following the end of the Playoffs.


If multiple Managers have the same bid on a particular player, the tiebreaker will be in a continual rolling format which is initially set in the reverse order of the draft (i.e. 1st pick in the draft starts with 12th priority for waivers.)


Each team will have a maximum roster of 25 players, excluding IR, consisting of the following:

  • 1 QB
  • 2 RB
  • 3 WR
  • 1 TE
  • 4 Flex (RB, WR, or TE)
  • 1 Superflex (QB, RB, WR, or TE)
  • 13 Bench
  • 2 Injured Reserve (“IR”)


The 2 IR spots are designated for players who are either designated on the Injured Reserve by their respective NFL teams (IR), and/or marked as (OUT) by Sleeper. Ineligible players occupying the IR spot must be moved to a non-IR spot before kick-off of that player’s next weekly game. If the roster is already full, then the Manager must release a player such that the total roster size does not exceed the maximum allowable after the move. Suspended players do not qualify for the IR designation and will occupy a bench slot should a Manager choose to keep them on their team.

Lineup Requirements:

Each Manager must start a full lineup every week. To avoid leaving inactive players (e.g. bye, injured, suspended, etc.) (“Inactives”), set reminders via the Sleeper App for game day inactives. The Commissioner will make their best effort to notify Managers of Inactives in their starting lineup. If the Manager in question is unresponsive to the Commissioner, the Manager will be given warnings / infractions as outlined in Infractions and Penalties.

Other Managers who notice that a team has inactive positions should also notify the respective Manager or the Commissioner directly. Managers eliminated from playoff contention are still expected to put forth an effort to win on a weekly basis. Any tanking/throwing will not be tolerated and counted as a violation (see Manager Conduct). Multiple violations may be subject to further punishments as outlined under Infractions and Penalties.


  • Passing:
    • 0.04 points per yard (1 point per 25 yards)
    • 4.0 points per TD
    • 2.0 point per passing 2 point conversion
    • -2.0 points per interception
  • Rushing:
    • 0.1 points per yard (1 point per 10 yards)
    • 6.0 points per TD
    • 2.0 points per 2 point conversion
  • Receiving:
    • 0.1 points per yard (1 point per 10 yards)
    • 0.5 points per reception
    • 6.0 points per TD
    • 2.0 points per 2 point conversion
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Fumbles:
      • -2.0 points per fumble lost
      • -1.0 point per fumble
    • Punt / Kickoff return:
      • 6.0 points per TD

Voting & Amendments

Managers can create voting polls in Sleeper to deal with any issues as they arise.


A Manager may raise proposed changes to the Bylaws with the Commissioner at any time. The Commissioner will then create a vote in the Sleeper for other Managers to vote on. In order for an amendment to take effect, the vote must be a Super Majority (8 out of 12 Managers) and will only take effect in the upcoming season following the next draft. In order for an amendment to take effect for the upcoming season, the proposal must be approved unanimously. For example, if an amendment is proposed and accepted prior to the following year’s draft, then it will take effect for that season. However, if the proposal only receives a Super Majority after the draft has already taken place, then the changes will not take effect until the following season.

Orphan Teams

If a team becomes orphaned at any time during or after the season, responsibility of finding a replacement Manager ultimately falls on the Commissioner, who may exercise their right to employ any and all methods to recruit a replacement; including but not limited to fantasy football forums and members from other leagues. Managers may also submit nominations to the Commissioner for consideration. If there are more nominations than orphans available, it is at the discretion of the Commissioner to choose who gets to join.

Mid-Season Orphan:

If a Manager has to abandon a team mid-season, the Commissioner will exercise their right to employ any and all methods to find a replacement as quickly as possible. If no replacement is found prior to the coming week’s games, the Commissioner will set the lineup based on projected points scored until a replacement Manager is found.

Multiple Replacements:

A supplemental draft will take place if multiple teams are orphaned. All players and draft picks will be added to the pool for drafting and the supplemental draft will be in a snake format.

Manager Conduct

Good Faith Clause:

In addition to adhering to all of the Bylaws, all Managers are expected to act in good faith. The Commissioner can only do so much to enforce the rules so at the end of the day, it is up to each Manager to put their best foot forward and act in the best interest of the League. We all want this league to be fun and long lasting and that is only accomplished by everyone competing to the best of their ability and showing good sportsmanship.


Tanking/throwing can become a concern and it is asked that Managers simply do not do it. Every Manager is expected to set a full line-up that is best positioned to win for every single week of the fantasy season, even if it is clear they will not be in contention for the championship. Managers are expected to put forward a lineup that best positions their team to win for each specific week as any tampering and throwing may significantly affect the playoff standings. Any Managers suspected of tanking or throwing games may be subject to penalties as outlined under Infractions and Penalties.

Trash Talking:

We’re all adults. Talking smack is one of the best parts of fantasy football and is strongly encouraged, but let’s keep it civil and not attack people personally. At the end of the day, it’s still just a game and we’re all playing this for our enjoyment. Don’t ruin the fun of others.

Infractions & Penalties


Infractions are typically triggered by a Manager breaking the rules set in these Bylaws.

  • Starting Inactives: This is covered by the Tanking/Throwing section of the Bylaws. Don’t do it. It’s not fun for the league.
  • Late payment of league dues: Managers will be given a warning by the Commissioner in the first instance of late payment. Managers are expected to let the Commissioner know of expected late payment to arrange a date for payment to ultimately be received.
  • Cutting / Throwing: Any Manager found to be cutting their star players and releasing them into the free agent pool without just cause will be removed from the league at the discretion of the Commissioner.
  • Collusion: This is the most serious infraction a Manager can commit. Collusion is strictly prohibited and will be met with immediate removal from the league. Managers may raise any suspicion of collusion with the Commissioners who will investigate and act as necessary.
  • Toxic / personal attacks: Trash talking is part of the game but please be mindful of keeping it in good fun. No need for personal attacks or constant barrage that makes it unpleasant for other members. Managers who are in violation of this will receive warnings and infractions from Commissioners. And in extreme cases, may be removed from the League immediately.

Managers will be given a warning by the Commissioner in the first instance of an infraction. The 2nd violation will count as 1 infraction and every violation thereafter will count as 1 additional infraction. After a manager receives more than 5 infractions, the Commissioners reserve the right to remove said Manager from the league and find a replacement. The Manager in question will not be refunded their dues.

Best Interest Clause

For any league issues that arise that cannot be reasonably resolved amongst all league members, the Commissioners reserve the right to take action on anything as necessary. Any decisions made by the Commissioner will be based on the best interest for the league. The Commissioner will consult with Managers and take a vote where applicable.

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