New Dynasty Team Help

Joined a Dynasty Start. Decided to draft 16 rounds this year with your typical 1 QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, 1 Flex, DST, and K. After the first year we will keep 5 and add 2 more bench spots. After year 2 we will keep 10 and add 2 more spots for the remainder of the drafts. My team is:

QB: Wentz, Trubisky
WR: OBJ, K. Allen, Godwin, DJ Moore, G. Allison
RB: Kamara, Jacobs, Ekeler, Breida
TE: Henry
K: Butker
DST: Jacksonville, Philly (to cover WK 1 when Jacksonville plays KC)

I don’t know how it’ll hold up but we will see. I know I am weak at RB any suggestions? Starting year 2 we also are doing a draft position based on standings.

Any suggestions?

It feels like all this falls under the category of a keeper league, more than a dynasty league.

Your RBs are great, your RB depth is not.

All you can really do at this point is look for a nice wire add, or make a trade.

I guess yeah it’s kinda like a hybrid keeper/dynasty. We arent doing any kind of keeper round penalty which is nice.