New Dynasty team opening

We have an opening in our dynasty league it is a super flex league as well as a TE premium league(TEs earn 2ppr) let me know if there is anyone out there interested in joining. This is a team adoption

@tylermac71 what’s the roster look like and is there a buy-in?

@tylermac71 Any buy-in? If it’s free, I’m interested

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No buy in it is a free league

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I am interested as well, if the previous folks are out.

@frakkintoaster on Sleeper.

@idontknow9290 on Sleeper

@stormellis on sleeper I’m in

It is on sleeper @idontknow9290 you have fist dibbs if you want it

Sure. I’ll take it

@idontknow9290 whats your email address ill send you the invite

Sent you an email

Team is now taken