New empire/dynasty

This will be an empire dynasty league.
50 dollar buy in…150 rolls over to the jackpot each year…jackpot is won by winning two times in a row
yearly pay outs will be 1st-200 2nd-100 3rd-50…all money on leaguesafe…
10 teams
no divisons, no kickers, no defense
two flex spots
24 man rosters,2 ir spots pt passing td.
6 team playoff (dont care its ten teams…6 team playoff proves to be more fun)…top two teams get a bye
each week u will play a head to head match and there will be an extra game against the league median…so you play two games each week essentially
i prefer a combined start up draft because i believe it is most fair
half point per reception
wont be drafting till end of july early august…sorry too many injuries happen
Faab budget 200 dollars…continuing waivers
using sleeper obviously
all payments due before draft
4 round rookie draft after start up
can use sleeper or groupme chat…please be active and fun…i started one last year and its going great looking to do one more

pts passing td