NEW ESPN SuperFLEX and IDP League

Draft date is July 3rd at 9pm EST. However, that is only if the league is full. Date will be pushed if we need more. Please come and join. All league fees thru League Safe with a vote for payout.

10 teams - $20 buy in
2 QB
2 RB
2 WR
1 TE
1 Flex
IDP Players:
1 DT
1 DE
2 LB
1 S
1 CB

Overall Scoring:
TD Pass 4pts
INT -2pts
Sack -1pt
2pt Conv - 2pts

Rushing Yards .01pts per yard
TD Rush 6pts
Rushing Conversion - 2pts

Receiving Yards 0.1pts per yard
Each reception (REC) 1pt
TD Reception 6pts
Receiving Conversion 2pts

IDP Scoring:
Sack 1pt
Every 3 total tackles 1pt
Blocked Punt, PAT or FG 1.5 pts
Interception 2pts
Forced Fumble Recovered 2 pts
Each Forced Fumble 1 pt
Each Safety - 1pt
Assisted Tackles - 6pts
Pass Defended .25pts

i am interested