New footclan member here : Crazy trade that happened today. Help clan!

First post

Now today I woke up with a trade that was made by my comish that involves a 0-3 team & himself.

The trade was

Comish trades away - A. Cooper, L. Miller, B. Powell, L. Fintzgerald

0-3 Team - Trades away - E. Elliot, Aj Green

Now don’t get me wrong if it was me I would love that trade lol but at the same time I don’t want to take advantage of the desperate 0-3 team. Specially knowing it’s his second year playing. But last year same guy did a crazy trade & it worked out for him cause he made the playoffs. I don’t think this trade is helpful for his team at all this time around.

So I’m asking the footclan the guys on the mic, the podcasters to help me out here. Can you reply to this trade if it’s a fair trade or more like a collusion???

Ps. I told the comish about in a private msg he told me throw it up on the footballer for judgement. I seen you guys on YouTube . I made a account just so I can ask this question. Now I’m liking the website

What is the format of your league?

There is no reason to veto a trade accepted by two owners unless there is clear proven collusion.

Always a lot that goes into a trade, but I don’t think this trade is outlandish. Sometimes 2 heads are better than one and this trade could in the long run help out the 0-3 team.

I agree. While I certainly wouldn’t make this trade if I were the 0-3 team, and I don’t see how this trade helps him, it’s hard to know what his mindset is. The trade doesn’t strike me as horribly unfair or outlandish either. Miller, Powell, and Fitz can all put up points on a given day, and we all know the potential with Cooper… :man_shrugging:

Yea sorry I forgot it’s a 12 team half ppr. The comish told if if I can get the footballers to weigh in on it, he will revert the trade.

My next question is do these guys Andy, mike, Jason. Read these forums so it can be talked about on the show??

his roster for wr/b is thielen, riddley, fitz gurley, jones deion lewis, and albert Wilson

mine is landry, keenan allen, geromino allusion, john brown, fournette, lynch, McCoy, duke Johnson, yeldon, and buck allen

waivers available brate, goedert, dissley, seals-jones, gates, mark Andrews, vannett, jack doyle, are the top

I wouldn’t take this trade as the 0-3 team but also don’t see any evidence of collusion.

you see this all the time team start 0-3 and feels they have to make a huge change and gets taken advantage of instead of staying the course. its what im trying to avoid myself with my money league