New #footclan member

I’m brand new to the #footclan. How do I access #footclan leagues and the Megalabowl? And is there a phone app for the regular Fantasy Footballers website?

Welcome! There will be a forum post for the Megalabowl closer to the start of the season. You will be able to follow the instructions there to join in. Most footclan leagues people will post about that need members, or if they have dynasty leagues that have “orphaned” teams where the owners decided to leave the league. If you are interested in joining a league you can hop over to the online league page and let people know you are looking to join a league, or comment on posts for new leagues. Hope this helps!


The actual link to the #footclan-leagues is here too:

I don’t think there’s a dedicated app for the normal website but I just bookmarked the forums page and set a shortcut on my phone’s homescreen which works for me.