New FootClan SF 12-team Dynasty

I spearheaded and commished my first dynasty league last year in what’s essentially a home league. But, as you may have experienced, I’m way more into the dynasty aspect and FF in general than pretty much everybody else in the league.

So now I’m turning to the :foot:Clan and kicking around the idea of starting a new dynasty league. It’d be a 12-team superflex league on Sleeper. For fees, I’m flexible. Thinking $20-$50 range. Paid on LeagueSafe. Start-up Draft date TBD. Could do it late May/early June or wait til August.

I haven’t even created the league yet but just wanted to gauge interest amongst the forum before going forward. I just want an active league of good-natured people who like dynasty football and are in it for the long haul. Let me know if you meet that criteria and are looking for a league.

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I would be interested in joining

I would be interested in something like that too!

I had someone DM me too, so that makes 4 of us. I’m even in favor of going against my first idea of making it a paid league! We could make it a free one, which would save some headache of collecting and distributing dues. I just want people who will be competitive and not leave, for example, if their team crashes and burns after year 1.

I’d be interested, sleeper ID is jks1624

I’d be interested. I’m year round and love to be football, fantasy and just in general!
Realisticfinsfan on sleeper

Sleeper ID is JTGole93

I’d also be very interested! Count me in if there’s still room

Interested in joining if you still have room. Would love to play dynasty in a footclan league.
Sleeper ID: @backin82 or backin82

Interested…sleeper id is BGMIXX

@TheAuthority I am interested. JCmcmullen17 on sleeper.

I’m interested! I’d love to be in a dynasty league with fellow footclan members! Sleeper username: PoloLog

Ok, I have 12…Sometime soon, I’ll create the league and we can talk about it all on the app.

What’s your Sleeper ID?

Sleeper ID?

@travbob sorry.

My sleeper id is DuPainPerdu

What’s your Sleeper ID?

I’d be interested if there are openings. Sleeper is @capesius15

Interested as well! Sleeper ID is 3ddie2288