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If you’re interested in a free startup dynasty league, but don’t have the cash to spend this year, then this is the league for you.

Because there is no buy-in, you need to be an active member that is passionate about smack talk, trades and just basic fantasy goodness. I’m starting this league for year round fun with new Footclan friends that love fantasy football as much as I do.

We will be using Fleaflicker for the dynasty league platform, as ESPN and Yahoo’s offseason management is a little sketchy. I have posted the league rules below. I will email you the same document with all the information. I will also add you to a Slack group for the league upon entry.

There are only 12 spots with no duplicate leagues available, so post your email below if you’re interested! Looking forward to a great season with you.

of teams: 12

Scoring: .5 ppr
Roster: QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 2FLEX (RB,WR, TE), 1DEF, 1K, 10BEN, 3IR
Regular Season: 1-13, head to head matchups, total points
Playoff: 14-16, 6 teams, 3 division winners, 3 best record

Maiden Draft: First year draft will consist of all NFL free agent veterans and rookies. There will be a total of 20 rounds to fill out the entire roster at 90 seconds a pick.

Draft positions will be drawn at random via number/name/list generator cycled 12 times.

Roster Cutdown:

Prior to the rookie draft each season (March 31st), each roster will cut down their team from 20 to 16 players.

After the 7 round rookie drafts each season, the roster will be cutdown the final 20 man roster before the start of the season. You have until the day before Week 1 to make these decisions to account for preseason roster cuts.

Subsequent Drafts: 7 round rookie drafts will be held in the following offseasons, containing all newly draft NFL rookies and remaining free-agent veterans.

Draft positions will be determined in reverse order of standings from previous year.

Free-Agent Bidding

-FAAB system: $1000 budget for entire season
-Two weekly free agencies on Wednesday and Friday
-Cutoffs at Wed 10pm ET


Trades are allowed at any time throughout the season/offseason and must be approved by the league commissioner and both parties involved.


I am interested.

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9 spots remaining! Get yours today!


I’m interested

I’m very interested.

I’d be interested

I would love to join, any spots open?

I am interested

I’m interested in joining.

Im interested if you still have a spot

I am also interested if you still have a spot,

I am interested if you have room.

I’m down to get into some dynasty action if there is still a spot…

I’m down as well. If there is an open spot email me at

If you need another

If anyone falls through I’m available.

I would like to join if any spots available! Thanks! Cameron

i am definitely interested if you need a spot in this new league

I’m interested if there is more availability. My email is