New IDP dynasty start up

Okay all i’m diving into idp for the first time for a dynasty league, would like others who are beginners at idp but obviously there’s no way to enforce this lol

10 team idp dynasty with superflex

40 dollar buy in each year- payouts 215 125 60

Qb 2 Rb 2 Wr te 2flex Superflex 2DL 2LB 2DB 19 bench 4 IR

Scoring settings- 5pt passing/ 20 passing yards=1 point/ .25ppr/ .2 per carry/ .25 per first down/ Te pre 1.25/ IDP td 6/ sack 4/ hit on qb 1/ assisted tackle 1/ solo tackle 1.5/ TFL 2/
pass break up 3/ Int 5/ forced fumble 3/ safety 3

FAAB- 100 offseason 200 in season nothing rolls over…Continuous waivers


6 team playoff top three teams get paid out….only one division

Separate rookie and vet draft for start up. Each year 6 round rookie draft.

Draft order is determination….1st place- pick 1.10 second place- pick 1.09 third place pick 1.08
Everyone else’s draft pick is determined by regular season record worst record getting the 1.01 and so on.

Draft will be slow draft no time limit its may we have time

If interested dm me on sleeper at abouttreefiddy or email me at