New Keeper League 12 team 1/2 ppr 1st pick

My league is transitioning into a keeper league with our rosters from last year. This year we are only selecting one keeper, however next year we voted to have 2.

My current roster has Davante Adam’s and Todd Gurley. I’m planning on keeping Adam’s this year, however I also have the first pick in the upcoming draft. I should the option to choose from Julio, Lev Bell, Gurley, Juju, Kelce, or Mahomes as the top options at each position.

I’m leaning towards Julio since he seems to have the highest floor amongst the options with the least risks. But on the flip side, he’s already 30 years old and idk if I should plan on taking a younger option with upside for years to come, like Juju or Mahomes (6 pts per passing TD and bonuses for ober 300/400 yards), and lock down those spots. There are also bonuses for WRs after 125/200 receiving yards.

I normally like to take a Rb to remain balanced, however there are a lot of question marks with Bell and Gurley. There’s also the possibility that the person who has Melvin Gordon doesn’t keep him, which in turn means Julio would not be an option.

Sorry for the long post! I appreciate the help!

Thoughts anyone???

I would take Julio. He is the best football player in the group and you can keep him next year. I don’t see him falling off in the next 2 years. Its more of a win now approach.

If you are looking for the future, then Juju would make the most sense because he could be a WR1 for the next 4 years +

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