New keeper league : help

Setting some rules for a new keeper league. We decided to go with 2 keepers year to year.
What we cannot decide on is how to set the keeper players. Do we go with a round penalty for when that player was selected the year previous? Or have the keepers set as the final two draft pick slots.
What other options are there?

Def tons of options out there… You can craft a keeper league to how ever you like. Here are just a couple ideas.

  1. So yes you can have keepers at the back of your draft… But honestly i don’t think that way is very exciting or makes owners make tough decisions.

  2. Take the ADP off like ESPN 2weeks before your draft and then you can keep 2 players but at the round there ADP is this year… So you lose the round in which you keep someone. So if Zeke ADP is round 1 and Adam thielen is round 3 then you can keep both but your draft will look like this.
    No round 1
    Round 2 pick
    No round 3
    Round 4
    And so on

  3. You can keep a player in the round drafted the previous year… So again you lose the round that the player is kept… So you drafted DJ round 1 and kamara round 10 last season. So your draft would look like this
    No round 1 pick
    Round 2-9 pick
    No round 10 pick
    Round 11 pick
    And so on

Those are just a couple options… With all of them there is a few things to consider… long can owner keep a certain player. 1 year, 2years, 3years??
I like 2years Max… So draft, keep 1 year, keep 2year, 3rd year back in the draft. you allow first round players to be kept?? Some keeper leagues don’t all anyone with an ADP in the first round to be kept. So that the draft every year is relevant and not watered down…

  1. How does trading affect keeper status… Does a player changing owners reset the keeper years as it is with a new owner? I think the best way is to have a player keep his status no matter how many times he is traded…

Hope some of this helps… Let me know if you have any more questions… I’ve been a commish of a keeper league for 8 years( but it is an auction league)