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New Keeper League Questions!


FootClan!! ASSEMBLE!!

Alright everyone! I have a few questions on keeper leagues when regarding the off season. I just converted my 7 year old, 12 team league into a keeper league with FAAB. We have 3 keepers, with no penalty for keeping. I also remember hearing from one of the podcasts about franchising one player, putting 3 into a lottery, and randomly keeping 2 of those 3 (while being a different position from franchised player). I loved that idea, and so did my league mates, so thats what we’re going with. I have implemented draft pick trading, allowing us to make trades into the off season. This keeps things a bit more interesting after the playoffs.

However, I do have a few questions about the off season. I am planning on locking rosters after teams have been eliminated from the playoffs, making trades the only type of transactions available during the off season. Has anyone done this that has seen negative blowback from the league?

And with draft pick trading, is the best type of draft a linear one with a set order (makes draft pick trading easier)? I was thinking about making the playoff teams (6 teams) set in reverse order of elimination, while putting the non playoff teams (6 teams also) in a lottery, to avoid tanking. Anyone do either that have any advice?

Also, when someone trades away draft picks without getting any in return, what do they do to fill their team? Do they add players at the end of the draft after everyone has picked (technically signing the first FAs)? Or do they go into the season with less players? Would ESPN (our platform) even allow this? What is the protocol for this situation?

Those are the main questions that I am going over in my mind, and would like the input of other commishes who have gone through it before. Is there anything else that I am missing? Have I covered my bases during this conversion? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks everyone!