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New Keeper question!


Hello all. K Dixon going down for the season has had me change up who I will keep.

12 Team PPR QB , RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, FLEX

Draft position: I get to choose. Only DJ and OBJ will be big names kept.

A. Brown 1st
J. Graham 12th
K Cousins 12th

Sold my keeper values to try to get that #footclantitle but fell short.


Since DJ is being kept, unless you know you have the first pick and will be getting Bell I would just kept Brown. He is the best receiver and letting him go would be risky.


I won our pre draft activities so I get to choose where I draft from. So I could choose 1st pick and take Bell and keep one of the other guys or go later (10-12) and keep Brown.


I would take Bell and Graham over Brown. Essentially that is your first round. Bell and DJ are the two guys you want to have on your team, especially in PPR


Pick the from the 12 spot and keep Brown. That way your getting the best value.