New keeper start up question

I’m drafting from the 2nd spot and am
Having a hard time fully committing to my pick. At first I was for sure CMC. But now I’m leaning towards kamara. What would you guys do knowing you’ll be keeping this player the next few years

This is difficult for me. My initial thought was CMC because he has a higher consistent volume, but then I thought maybe Kamara will be able to stay healthier because of the lesser volume, while also producing just as high fantasy numbers.

Do you have to pay the draft price to keep a player though? I wouldn’t ever keep either of them if you have to pay your first round next year, because you’ll most likely end up with better value keepers (James Conner for a 12th, or similar scenario)

What scoring system are you in?

In this particular league there is no keeper penalty and there’s only one keeper which is why I’m torn here. Can’t go wrong with either to build my future team around. Just keep going back and forth

It’s a .5 ppr standard scoring

Another thing to think about is how many years Brees has left. The offense won’t be nearly the same without him. Maybe they’ll have to lean more on Kamara, maybe they won’t be able to move the chains and score as much. But same thing goes with Cam’s injury history. Honestly you can’t go wrong, both are great options. I’d honestly consider Zeke - don’t think he’ll hold out too much longer and the offense is young with a great OL. And he’s only 1 (maybe 2) years older?

I would take Kamara. I have him in my dynasty league. The way the Saints can use their RBs is amazing. Even tho they had Ingram and Kamara last couple yrs, they’ve both been RB1s. And they are using Kamara in a really good way that really holds him back from risk of injury. I kinda feel like CMC will eventually wear down as the bell cow RB. Saints have Latavius Murray now to take the rough work that Ingram left.


That’s what my recent thought process has been, it looks like kamara should hold up longer, but who knows what the future holds. My draft is tomorrow at 8. I will be losing sleep tonight over this lol


Any other thoughts?

Trade back to 1.4 (to guarantee Saquon, CMC, Kamara or Zeke) for an additional 6th 7th or 8th round pick.

Unfortunately there’s no pick trading. Which is why I feel so stuck. I’m just gonna have to make a decision in the moment and roll with it.

They’re all great options, it’s a good problem to have.

100% it’s just a league with friends so I really want to crush them haha every decision matters.

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If it’s a .5PPR I’d take Zeke, just make sure to draft Pollard!