New league format advice

Just joined a new league and I’m overwhelmed, looking for any and all advice. We start drafting as soon as it fills up, and we draft this years rookie picks in the startup draft.

League format
1 QB
1 RB
1 WR
1 TE
5 flex
1 Superflex

League rules: see pictures

Specifically, how should value rookie picks in the startup, tight ends (given the 0.75 boost), and everyone else given the weird scoring format😂? Any help is appreciated

wow! quite a bit to take in here. not sure how to truly advise, but imho i would look at securing a qb early and the second one later by a few rounds. go for younger guys at qb (no rodgers / brady types) and they do not have to be studs. i would target wr as a priority and look for a good but not top end rb. only one and then you can find some 2nd tier guys to fill in. rookie picks are great for this as well. if you can land a te in the middle that is great too, but i would try going for an up and coming talent. there are a few of them out there.

whether or not you go players or picks depends on your league. but be willing to do the opposite. remember, SF does not mean QB. you can put in any high value player. that said, you will be happier with 2 legit qb options…or so a friend tells me :wink:

so, 1 qb as a solid guy. 1 rb and try picks to fill in there. many wr and a upcoming te. you might struggle a bit with a young team, but you can also get great foundational pieces for the long haul. play the opposite of your league to maximize your value at positions.

i hope that helps some?

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Yeah this is great. I guess the big thing is to stay water… I’m at the 9th spot, so I can’t imagine taking a rookie pick with the 9th or 15th pick, but maybe with the 3rd or 4th rounders… like you said it’ll just depend on the league. What TEs/WRs would you be targeting in the mid-late rounds?

I agree with @octoberland on most pieces of his advice, as for WR/TE’s to target guys like Sutton, Godwin, Golladay, Deebo Samuel, Gallup as scary as it sounds Allen Robinson, Hunter Henry, Noah Fant, Evan Engram. Guys that have shown they can be “the guy” but are still have that draft value that isn’t to expensive (Godwin may be a bad example after the year he had) but also keep in mind people will be going in with the same mentality you will “draft young” so don’t pass up on older guys if the price is right.


I was at 9 and started the draft with kamara and godwin… planning on going QB-TE at the next turn

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If you are looking at scoring adjustments I added a 0.2 point per completion for QBs in some of my leagues. This gives a bit of balance between rushing QBs and passing QBs.

Typically, this early in the draft season, rookies are devalued. It would not surprise me if the top 6 rookies are drafted in a start across round 4-9.

My personal advise it not to take rookie early, but scoop up value where it falls. Easier said than done - i know.

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Many folks gave some great tips on who to target. I do think round 4/5 is where i would start looking at rookies. fwiw, i think there are solid pieces through the entire first 2 rounds this year. Being fair, to me only the top 4/5 are real difference makers out the gate. The rest of picks (6-24) are pretty similar so I would not worry as much about where you land those picks. Stacking 2nd rounders is a smart play for value this season.

For guys I like, many have been said that i would look for in the mid rounds. i am a bit more risky and would also include Preston Williams / Auden Tate / Miles Boykin in late rounds. For TE look at Ian Thomas / Blake Jarwin / K. Warring for young guys in great situations and strong talent. Things should be breaking their way this season and they could be in great places moving forward.

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I would suggest finding some Dynasty ADP info.

Someone like Preston Williams would typically be ranked between 100-130 and therefore fall into the 9th-11th rounds (based on 12 teams). However, players like Auden Tate or Miles Boykin would be typically drafted after the 13th round.

Similar for the TE position. Ian Thomas’s dynasty ADP today is 140-150. Whereas Kahale Warring is 220+.

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Totally with you on this. That was why I mentioned people have already given some mid-rounds, but those guys I listed I would take late. As you properly noted that is the back end of drafts.

Finding some Dynasty ADP rankings is a great suggestion as well!

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thank all of you for the advice!
UPDATE: rookie picks went a bit early for my taste (top 3 were gone before my 3rd round pick). Through 5 rounds here’s what I’ve got:
1 kamara
2 godwin
3 golladay
4 2020 1.04
5 Robinson
I’m still looking at QB and TE, but I honestly sorta missed the bus on QB. The top 12-14 are gone, and it’s tough to pull the trigger on one of them over the likes of stefon diggs and such. Henry, Hooper, engram, and Waller are still there at TE, so I’ll probably wait as long as I can and grab one of them to pair with Ian Thomas.


that is a really strong start. fwiw, the 1.04/1.05 is my favorite spot in this draft. You either get a really strong WR or RB depending on who is left from the top 5. Unless QB is lulling, i would consider grabbing one of those guys sooner than later. i got stung on my overly long delay at QB. at least one confident guy is enough to pair with a more developmental guy.

Keep on keeping on. looks like you are doing quite well!

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What are your preferred mid-late round QBs?

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Oh and before I saw this I pulled the trigger on TE… I took hooper, my preferred of those above. Unless mclaurin makes it back to me I’ll likely double up on QB next turn

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Can you list the remaining QBs?

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Tough to say on QB without seeing the board. Also, some leagues wait a long time on QB which does not help. I would prefer Russel / Watson if they are still there. I also like Mayfield / Murray / Wentz / J Allen / Goff as well. I know some of them had up/down years, but in general I think they are good. Later I like Minshew / Darnold / Lock.

Hooper is a great get. Double back for one or two of those other TEs late and you should be set for a while at that spot. I love McLaurin but might look to someone with a more stable QB situation? Plus you might be looking for a second RB soon. Your 1.04 could easily become a solid WR, but if you can land one of the two WRs at that spot you should be golden.

Remember, do not sleep on those rookie picks. Check to see where they are and, if you can get some, there is a lot of depth through the end of round 2. You can grab those picks and try to fill RB needs that way. I would secure a QB first, then pay attention to the picks.

Again, these are just my thoughts and suggestions. Keep reading your draft room and take values as they present. One thing people forget is leaving with solid players means easier trades for holes you need to fill. Better to take a strong WR than just ‘fill’ a RB slot.

I’ve attached pics of the current QB, RB, and WR situation… safe to say I’m not gonna look great at QB. Oh and the 1.07 rookie pic just got taken

QB: Winston ( I think he’ll get Franchised this season and then given a big boy contract next season if he can cut those Interceptions in half)
Goff ( Yeah he had a very lack lustre season, but he showed he can be beast and if the Rams get it back together I think he’ll be a solid top 10 for the next 5 years)
Jones (He’s young and he’s not Eli)

WR: Gallup/McLaurin/Kirk would be my top 3 and in that order

RB: Drake/Mack/Johnson in that order. If news broke that Johnson was going else where I’d flip him and Mack. And Im gonna put Bell in here cause I truly believe this year is an outlier and it’ll get better, or he’ll get traded and its a win there too.

Just my thoughts, but like was said earlier if value is there id take it and I’d follow my gut. Hope this helps.


I would be comfortable grabbing Goff, Stafford, Cousins, or Jones. Followed by Winston, Newton or Tannehil - all carrying a little more risk.


I think these guys nailed it. I think the only difference is I would prioritize Goff / Jones at QB and place all the others in a similar group. I do like them and they would make excellent QB2, but I would feel better with either of them as my QB1 in SF.

Generally agree with @TheChrisFix on his assessment of remaining players with one edit. I would add in Boyd above McLaurin personally. I would add Montgomery to the list of the RBs at the end. I have hope for him.

Also, for where you are on players, if none of those guys are available i think 2020 1st are fine to take and do not be shy on the 2nd round when the time comes.

As you said, stay water.