New league format idea - Franchise Draft

Not sure if this has been done before and haven’t really set anything in stone so the details are still raw…but let me know what you think.

The league is set at 10 teams and you “draft” entire NFL franchises. You are only allowed to pickup/start players from those assigned teams. You will still need to pickup/drop players to waivers but you wont have to worry about other teams sniping your guys. You still need to set a lineup though so it’s kind of like a mix between standard redraft and bestball.

Every team in the league would have 3 real NFL franchises they can draw players from.

The season would play out like any other redraft league, this just puts a restriction on your individual pool of players so not only do you have to address your team’s needs, but you have to consider the overall value of all the players on a team.

VARIATION: Each team only “drafts” two NFL franchises that they have exclusive rights to. The players from remaining 12 NFL franchises are up for grabs via draft (either auction or snake - reverse order from the original order you picked your franchises) and through waivers (FAAB).

What are your thoughts?