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New League Format, Value of RBs?


Hello Footclan,

I am in a 12 team standard keeper league. I am keeping Zeke, J.Howard, and Watkins. This year, our league for whatever reason is switching to the following format.


So far everyone is planning on only starting 1-2 RB’s. I plan on starting 3 RBs because it’s a standard league. My question is, how does this format change the value of RBs, if you only have to start 1? Am I crazy to target RB with pick 1.01?

Love to hear your feedback!

Kind regards,


Usually the best RBs outscore the best WRs. However, when you get deeper, you’ll see WRs in the 30s outscore the RB30. So at the 1.01 I would definitely draft a stud RB. Then you can focus on WRs for a bit, make sure you still add RB depth and you’ll have a great positional advantage.


I hate that format for what it’s worth. You can start 4 WRs so depth there is important, but still if you can get 3 RBs to start that’s still awesome. you’re a year or two away from that league being - QB, Flex, Flex, Flex, Flex, Flex, TE


It depends who’s available obviously. With your keepers you should lean WR if the players are relatively even. Watkins is way to injury risk to be your only stud WR and with the panic of people shooting for WRs will mean good RBs will be available later. If you can hopefully target another potential top WR that will be let go like ARob and scoop up an RB later like a Crowell or Gillislee.