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New League Set UP


Hey guys, Love the podcast.

DO you have any suggestions on getting a new league together? I have been playing fantasy football for about 10 years but a lot of my friends that I have met recently don’t play. Is there any suggestions on how to promote the sport to some of my friends? I don’t want to have a freeby league, because part of the fun is the draft day and having something on the line and talking shit to each other from week to week.

Any suggestions you might have, please let me know.


Sup Tim,

The first part of your questions is pretty easy. Getting a new league together is as simple as creating it, and then sending invites to people interested in joining. Finding people that are interested is I believe your second part of your post. To be honest, you are in the midst of a community centered around Fantasy Football and that should be a no brainer. Just post your new league in the Footclan League Forums and you will eventually have enough people interested. If not, than your league format might be too wonky or plain for the majority of peoples taste. I am not sure about evangelizing your friends and relatives to convince them into playing fantasy. Most people that are into football have tried it once before. 

Hope this helps!


Thanks Dave. Believe it or not, I am starting a league with some friends that have only played one year or haven’t played at all. My concern is trying keep them interested throughout the entire season and want to play again next year. Should I put more points in play or more players to start each week? I joined a new league a few years ago at work and there were some seasoned fantasy football veterans, but some newbies, and the newbies got killed week to week because they didn’t know how to play or draft good players so their team would be able to compete from week to week, and they eventually fell out.

Any ideas on how to keep newbies interested from week to week and be excited to start up again the following year?


You can always do a 10 team league. The amount of quality starters available increases with less teams. This would even the playing field out a bit for the newcomers and might give them a chance to compete.

Another thought is to have a consolation bowl for the bottom 1/2 teams that don’t make the playoffs. Give them something to play for that is worthwhile. Maybe the #1 pick for next season, cash or prizes.

I personally have not commissioned a lot of leagues and so, I feel like I am not the most qualified. But, these will give you a head start and maybe inspire you to create fun and unique ways to make the league enjoyable for everyone.

Good Luck!


Great question! I think it’s all about ‘circles’. That is look for FF enthusiasts in your circles of day-day experiences including work, the gym, church, softball leagues, etc. and talk up fantasy football. See if you have friends in those circles that are interested. Then it’s a matter of creating a league in one of many sites, setting up scoring/team compositions, divisions, etc. and sending the invites. Creating the ‘talking smack’ aspect is a different matter. Suggest your read ‘Fantasy Life’ by Matt Berry to learn about all sorts of leagues; it’s a fun and quick read. Good luck!!


Something I’ve done before which seemed to get a pretty good reaction was to have some form of meekly newsletter. This was a few years ago, it could also take the form of an e-mail, youtube channel, podcast or whatever you can come up with. But essentially do some sort of weekly league recap and distribute it to the league. You can make it as entertaining as possible, talk crap, give weekly awards (you could do something tangible or just just make stuff up) or whatever you think of. It’s a fun way to get creative and keep people interested. Good luck!