New League Type! 2021 - RELEGATION league! owners needed

Next year I start The Collective, a group of connected fantasy football leagues. Its been my dream to start this and want to get a group of players from all skill ranges that enjoy doing different things with fantasy. I dont care how great or horrible at fantasy the owners are, I want people who are active and have passion for fantasy football. Respond to trades, vote on league matters, set lineups, even at the end of the season.

The Collective:
Relegation Lower League (Welcome Collective)
Relegation Upper League (Premier Collective)

The core part of The Collective are the 2 relegation leagues. Much like non-US soccer leagues, these two leagues would be connected to where at the end of the season, the bottom 2 teams of the premier league would move down to the welcome league and the top two leagues would move up to the premier league. Over time this creates a highly competitive league at the top, a new player friendly league at the bottom. In this format there is no waitlist needed as the welcome league is the waitlist.
Note* The 2 leagues would NOT share players and managers can only be in one of the leagues.
Other important features of The Collective:
Platform - Sleeper
Sleeper allows for easy slack style chats where we can have interleague communication as well as league only coms
Relegation leagues may expand to more than just 2 leagues over time as the collective grows
Scoring format and rosters will be identical throughout all Collective Leagues
*There will be a interleague Collective championship in week 16 where champions of every league go head to head for another prize and trophy
*Inter league Pick’em, optional pickem league where you can pick winners from every matchup in all leagues for weekly cash prizes
*Weekly Magazine with weekly focuses on certain teams and matchup recaps
*Dues will be $60
*Monthly Podcast (tbd)

Each league will have 1 dues free spot. This person will be a league manager spot and that person will write up custom weekly recaps that go into the magazine and monthly “Trollfiles” where they focus in on one team.

Starting a whole new community. :slight_smile: message me if interested on here or reach out on sleeper: Its_Just_Fantasy_Podcast

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So when promoted or demoted to you keep your same team or have to draft new guys?

Its a redraft league for everyone.

So what is the point of relegation if it is a redraft? I’m interested but I don’t quite see the ins and outs right now having relegations and a multi league system when it doesn’t matter where you are in as it’s the same buy in, therefore same payout and how would you vet the more competitive ones to get them in the higher league compared to entry level low league?