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New legacy


Chargers TE Hunter Henry total fantasy numbers in 2017 will place him a TOP 3 at the TE position


Top 10, maybe. Top 3? No sorry, super unlikely. That means if we assume Gronk and Kelce go 1-2, he will be better than Reed, Olson, Graham, Ertz, Walker, Eifert and Bennett, and I just do not see that happening.


Tight ends progress up to 86 percent as sophomores and is in the absolute perfect situation in multiple different aspects to post monster pro bowl type of numbers


Sure maybe he’ll improve his numbers by a great margin, but his great improvement still doesn’t lead me to believe he will be a top 3.

Water bet. :laughing:


Gates is going to vulture some of those red zone targets away from Hunter and there are a lot of other mouths to feed between the 20’s. I see Hunter finishing close to where he finished last year.


I meant he’ll be closer to where he finished last year than he will he to top 3.