New Madden Online Franchise!

If anyone wants to join our new Madden League on PS4 pls comment below. Free

~15 Spots still available
~ Fantasy Draft , Date TBD
~ Cheesing is allowed
~ Quiting will result in a Loss
~ Group me Access

I’d be interested. PSN is doddfactor

I can add u to the group me, what’s your user

My user what? My PSN is doddfactor. My footballers account name is DoddSquad

We use a 3rd party messaging app for the league called Group Me. I’ll dm you don’t worry about it

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cool lookin forward to it

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Me and 3 others are interested, if you still have spots.

PSN is Jkolti

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Madden doesn’t have cross platform capability, right? I have an xbox but this sounds awesome.