New Manager Dropped McCaffrey!

I am running a league with about half experienced players and half newbies. One manager just dropped Christian McCaffrey from IR for no explicable reason (and kept Jawrin) and dropped Chris Carson for LeSean McCoy.

I did not select to observe ESPN do not drop players in the rules because of COVID. I did not want to limit flexibility in overly lean times.

Do I drop all my faab on Mc Caffery, or try to work LM powers with an undo button? Then try to encourage them to trade with another manager? Thoughts?

I would put him back on the roster personally, but since it is FAAB it isn’t awful to give everyone a shot at him. There are select players that shouldn’t be dropped imo

In a dynasty league I’m in someone dropped Saquon when we have IR spots with now FAAB or waiver system. He was dropped and scooped up by someone else an hour later which is just plain ridiculous.