New member in need of a dyansty

Just joined the clan, but been listening for awhile. I play in a redraft league with friends, but none of them want to commit to a fully dyansty league. Hoping to join a dyansty league this year with committed folks for the long term. Lemme know if anyone can help me out

Hi I am also in the same boat with you as well as my other friend so if we could get like 7 more people… we would love to be in a dynasty league

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That sounds great. I have never been in one so don’t really think I could be commish we likely need experience with it

I have 1 open spot in my dynasty league. Email me at if interested

Same thing here. Would love to join a dynasty league. My name is Keawe and i live in hawaii. I dont care about location and willing to pay league fees. Looking for a competative group. I played in various leagues but cant get enough guys together that are dedicated to playing in a PPR dynasty league. My email is for anyone looking for another person.

If you all decide to make a dynasty league im down

I prefer superflex but open to whatever
Ppr or .5 works for me
No k/dst
The more starters the better imo

Id like to join so long we do not do superflex
ESPN maybe?
Communicate through GroupME?